About Me

Very amateur photographer. Film obsessive. Takes pie over cake.

Email marketing was something I fell into as a specialism about 4 years ago, having worked in web design and development since 2007. Though since 2007, I have been dealing with email marketing in some way or form. I guess you could say that was the point I realised I enjoyed wrangling tables and figuring out the joys of email debugging.

I wholly enjoy the every single aspect of email marketing. Whether it's mapping out a campaign, putting together a design, building, testing, deploying, analysing, reporting - it's terribly geeky of me, but I really do enjoy it.

After spending my whole life in the UK, in May 2014 I decided to uproot myself and move to Bahrain to be with my other half, where I'm currently working remotely for a small start-up company that is based in London. The very same one that I've been working for since August 2013, as their email marketing specialist.

As well as blogging about email marketing, I've been blogging over on my personal blog since 2010. You'll find a mixed bag over there, from the films I've seen, photos I've taken and general life happenings and thoughts. Dog person, not cats. Gin is my go-to drink of choice, closely followed by rum. Coffee in the mornings. Getting back into gaming. Recent beer convert.

I do enjoy a good tweet every now and then - feel free to say hi to me over on Twitter. Or drop me an email.