Right now

Currently I'm working for a London based start-up, Padawan Group, as their email marketing specialist. Working with a global group of websites and creating their email marketing from scratch. Working on their triggered and transactional emails, as well as the every day marketing emails for websites all over the world.

My responsibilities as Padawan Group's email marketing specialist include email copy writing, email design & build, testing, deployment, reporting and email campaign development.

One of the number one requirements for these emails, transactional and marketing, is that they be mobile friendly. So you'll find each email to be fully responsive with every effort made to accomodate as many devices as possible.

The emails also need to be beautifully designed, have engaging copy and land in people's inboxes.

Past work

In the past I have worked with Dixons Retail, Net-A-Porter, Bourne Leisure and the sadly departed Bid Shopping.